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Pull the seat up from the stool section. Place the seat between the wheels on the wheel section. Put the stool section into the wheel section. Lock the rear leg of the stool section to the wheel axle. Adjust the height of the trolley to the size of the double bass.

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Picture text suggestion:
"With 5 grips the Double Trolley is easily transformed from stool to trolley."
"In under 10 seconds you can transform the Double Trolley from stool to trolley and vice versa."



Whilst the other bassists in my section struggled carrying an uncased bass plus a bow and stool, I raced away with my double trolley! Then in the concerts, whilst the others creaked and squeaked away and got uncomfortable after an hour, I was silent and wonderfully comfortable, not to mention packed up and back on the coach way before the rest of them!

Patrick Fysh
United Kingdom, Kent

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