Double Bassist (UK/World), Summer 1999, page 5:
Danish invention eases transport troubles

Sick of carting around your bass trolley and a separate stool? Then let Marc Grue (below) come to your rescue. The freelance professional bassist from Copenhagen, Denmark, has invented a combined trolley and stool that is already proving hugely popular in Europe.
Called the Double Trolley, it's the result of five years of experimentation. It consists of three parts: a seat; a wheel axle; and a stool-piece. When the three are assembled it becomes a trolley for transporting your bass. When the leather saddle and stool-piece are combined, it becomes a fully adjustable seat.
"The smart thing is that you don't have to carry a stool beside the double bass - you always have the same stool with you because it's integrated in the transport device," Grue explains.
The combination stool and trolley kit has now gone into commercial production. Around 50 are available this year of which 30 have already been sold. Each member of the Odense Symphony's bass section is purchasing a Double Trolley and orders have come from as far afield as Sweden, Norway and France.
The Double Trolley costs DK4,400 (US$640) excl. p&p and weighs six kilos when fully assembled. You can visit Grue's website - - for further information and ordering details.

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