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Frequently asked questions
1. How well does the Double Trolley protect the bass?
2. Could the seat be bigger?
3. Could you make a foot rest on the side of the stool?
4. Is the stool totally silent during recording sessions?

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Bass on trolley1. How well does the Double Trolley protect the bass?
When the bass is attached to the Double Trolley you tilt it backwards until it balances on the wheels. Then it's easy to roll. The bass is safely protected against vibrations from the surface as it rests on the seat (padded with 7cm / 2.8" soft foam). Furthermore, the big airpumped wheels with 5cm / 2" diam. inner tubes absorb most bumps. In total it adds up to 11cm / 4.5" of shock absobing protection! No other wheel-system can compeed with that.

Depending on the weight of your double bass and amount of extras in your cover you can pump the wheels so they bounce softly when you roll your bass. A pump is provided with the Double Trolley.

2. Could the seat be bigger? (top)
Some bass players have asked if the seat could be bigger. During the years of the development we experimented quite a lot with the shape and materials of the seat to make it as comfortable as possible.

The broadness of the seat has been more tricky because the seat has to be attached between the wheels when the Double Trolley is assembled as a trolley. That limits the size. There is less than half an inch of space between the wheels and the edge of the seat, so making the seat broader would imply to make the distance between the wheels bigger. That would give problems in and out of doors in for instance the London busses where the wideness of the door is already close to the wideness of the Double Trolley.

Using the foot rest
3. Could you make a foot rest on the side of the stool? (top)

We have received suggestions of making an extra footrest to attach on the side of the stool. Many conventional bass stools in orchestras have an adjustable/attachable footrest/pad, and many bass players are used to it. On the Double Trolley there is also a foot rest but it can't be adjusted.

Playing on the stoolAn attachable foot rest would have to be detached every time the Double Trolley was transformed from stool to trolley since it would be in the way when you transport your double bass. Furthermore it would be difficult to make a solid solution that was at the same time easy to attach to the stool.

The fact is also that bass players report that it takes only an hour or two to get used to the foot rest of the Double Trolley. Read for instance what Peter Neville, England says. Considering the above we have therefore at the moment no plans to introduce an attachable footrest for the Double Trolley. Any concrete ideas are of course .

Closeup of the foot rest

4. Is the stool totally silent during recording sessions? (top)

Of course you can deliberately move around and make some noise but generally the Double Trolley doesn't make any noise at all when you play sitting on the stool. The squeaks and creaks that you experience with most drum stools for instance are eliminated with the Double Trolley due to the following two facts:
  1. The height lock-mechanism "clicks" into place rather than being fastened when you adjust the height of the stool. Since the weight is simply carried and not hold with a screw or any other tightening mechanism, there is no tension. As a bonus you don't have to tighten and tighten and newer be sure if it holds, as you have probably tried once with a drum stool.
  2. The special made bushes fitted in between all moving parts prevent metal to touch metal which is often the course of squeaks and rattling.

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I am amazed at the marvelous engineering that has gone into the design and construction of the Double Trolley. I can't wait to use it on the job.

You are to be commended for your contribution to the brotherhood of double bassists. Bless you!

Buckner Malcolm
United States, NC

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