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Official test by the Danish Technological Institute

Engineers from the Furniture Laboratory at the independent Danish Technological Institute have been testing the Double Trolley thoroughly to prove that the stool meets the requirements of heavy daily use.

A simulation test proved that the Double Trolley has no problems withstanding a 95 kg/209 lbs. load set and reset 50,000 times! (picture left)

The Double Trolley can easily carry 130 kg/286 lbs. (!), which means that even the biggest bass players can sit safely on the stool...
Durability Test setup
The Strength and Durability Test:
  • Static load Test
    10 repetitions with a 10 second duration loaded with the following:
    - Seat: 1300N (130 kg/286 lbs.) vertically downward
    - Legs: 39 N (39 kg/86 lbs.), sideways against the edge of the seat.
  • Durability Test
    Seat loaded 50,000 times with 950 N (95 kg/ 209 lbs.).
  • Seat Impact Test
    An impact weight of 25 kg/55 lbs. falls to the seat 10 times from 180 mm/7 in. height.
  • Drop test
    The stool was dropped 10 times from 600 mm/23 in. above the floor on one front leg and 10 times on the rear leg. When the chair is dropped, it has an angle of 10 degrees in relation to the floor.
Seat Impact Test setup
Test Result:
"Neither damages nor signs of beginning damages were observed after finishing the above test programme. The standing support/stool meets the requirements of ISO 7173, level 3, and is, therefore, found suitable for severe domestic use/light contract use."
- 4th of November 1999, Furniture Laboratory
All information on this page has been approved by the Danish Technological Institute.
Engineer E. Laug testing the stool


My Double Trolley arrived three days after I placed my order - great service!

I immediately took my bass for a walk through the cobblestone streets around my home, and the performance was very impressive - easy one-handed pushing and an amazingly smooth ride for the bass. Used as a stool, it's simply perfect.

David Moss

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