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Using the trolley
Walking with your double bass has never been easier! With the Double Trolley you can roll your bass and always have your own high quality stool with you! That's what we call Comfort all the way.
Trolley balancing Trolley rolling Trolley standing Trolley down
1. When the bass is tilted backwards it balances on the wheels of the Double Trolley. The seat carefully supports the weight of the bass. 2. Rolling is easy with the large pneumatic tyres supporting your bass for you. Your other hand is free to carry or hold whatever you like... 3. Attached to the Double Trolley, your bass stands freely, safely resting on the triangle between the two wheels and the end pin. In this way you can also use the Double Trolley as a stand for your bass! 4. ...Or you can lay down the bass, ready to be picked up later.

Rolling down the stairs

Ida Rostrup from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra rolling her bass down the stairs in the Concert House using her Double Trolley.
When the wheels are moderately inflated, you can safely roll your bass up and down steps. The size of the wheels combined with a soft presure in the tyres will absorb the pressure from the edge of the steps, thus protecting your bass.

Animated step-closeup

Inside a concert house, school, or wherever you play, you can also have the need to move your bass a tiring distance. Since only soft rubber padded parts and leather touches the bass when it's attached to the Double Trolley, you can even roll it without your cover - a fast and easy way to move to another room with both the bass and your own stool.
Rolling inside the building Rolling without the cover

Rolling to the concert house Rolling
Even if you have a car - how often can you park just outside the gig? Or if you take the bus - how close does it stop?

- With the Double Trolley this is no longer a problem. Simply roll your bass to the job, just like Ida Rostrup from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Sitting in a bus Bus, trains & metros...
One of the major benefits of transporting your double bass on the Double Trolley is that it can stand by itself.

When you board the bus or train you can simply put the bass in a corner, and tie it with the supplied extra strap to a pole or handrail, and take a rest.
Fastening Holding
Out of metro Out of bus
Laying down the bass
Getting in and out of trains and busses is very easy, even through the narrowest of doors.

Out of train


I've been using your stool for almost a year, and I think it's a great contribution to the world of equipment. I love the fact that I can transport the bass without the bass bag on.

It's indeed very comfortable as well.

Andrew Miller

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